Aurelia Vallus


Aruelia Vallus is a 24 year old mage from Tevinter, whose brother has abandoned her sans birthright in the Free Marches.

Belief 1: The ends justify the means.
Belief 2: My family’s image and ‘honour’ is important.
Belief 3: Women are just as deserving as men.

Body 1 (d6)
Heart 1 (d6)
Mind 3 (d10)
Spark 2 (d8)

Magic(broard) History(broad)
Knowledge of the Old Gods(common)
Blood magic(deep)


Being a twin always had it’s challenges, especially in relation to succeeding their father in the Magisterium. That challenge was multiplied for Aurelia due entirely to her being of the ‘fairer’ sex. It should have been no surprise to any when she tried to make up for it by following very closely in her father’s footsteps.

She was well aware of her brother’s dalliances and tried to show her father just how much better of a choice she would be for Magister over Quintillius. While he was off doing who knows what, she was busy winning the affections and respect of others within the Altus class. It was no surprise when, at 22, she was married off to a family with more clout than her own. Sure the man was a buffoon and of course she would rather be with anyone else in all of the Magisterium, but at least she was making her father proud. Too bad the blame for the child they couldn’t produce fell entirely on her shoulders.

As her brother continued to disgrace his family, Aurelia grew stronger magically and within social circles. Her father began voicing his disapproval with Quint more openly and even told her in secret that he would rather she take his seat in the Magisterium when the time came.

Things were in the works to make this happen when an Orleasian jewel thief took off with Quintillius birthright. When Quint took off after her, Aurelia wasn’t far behind to drag him home. The disgrace he would cause to their family was unthinkable and she wanted her father to see that she could fix this, all of this, just for him.

Then their father died. From there, everything snowballed. Aruelia’s deceit in the issue came to light. Her Elven penpal turned into an abomination due to a mis-behaved blood bag. And the jewel thief took Quint’s birthright while Quintillius took hers. She was left in Ferelden with little money and exiled. The only thing she had left was to settle in somewhere in Thedas and wait. Quintillius’ time would come.

Aurelia Vallus

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