Countess Avril de la Belle Jeunesse

Orlesian entertainer and possibly maybe probably international jewel thief


A fabulous Orlesian woman, wrapped in colour and silks. Naturally she’s always on the cutting edge of fashion – her adoring fans expect nothing less.

The Countess is beautiful in the ways expected while on stage – showy, grandiose, and graceful, while without the benefits of her costumes and masque, virtually unknown off stage.



The Countess Avril de la Belle Jeunesse makes her living travelling from town to town entertaining the masses with her charm, dance, and prestidigitation.

Though she has no magical talent, her skills with misdirection and deception have proven as profitable off stage as on – as a jewel thief.

Belief 1: Finder’s keepers.
Belief 2: Magic doesn’t make you special.
Belief 3: Fake it ’till you make it.


Body 2 (d8)
Heart 4 (d12)
Mind 0 (d4)
Spark 1 (d6)


Performance (Broad)
Deception (Broad)
Acrobatic (Common)
Jewel Thief (Deep)

The Countess was most recently at a venue in the tawdry and pompous land of Tevinter, where she absconded with the birthright amulet of Quintilius Vallus.

Avril was hired by the Dwarven woman, Hatshepshut on behalf of an unknown interested party to steal the birthright.

The Tevinter mage chased the Countess to the city of Redcliffe in Ferelden and confronted the thief while she was stealing ashes of Andraste from the Arl.

Alistair arrived. The Countess cried for help against the mage and used the distraction to escape with her assistant slave, Joslyn.

The Tevinter mage chased as a crow. His sister and a strange and overly beautiful elf mage and slave chased down the Countess on horse back and confronted her in her carriage.

Avril told her pursuer about the mysterious buyer who hired her to steal his birthright. She accepted an alternate agreement to sell the birthright to the mage himself. She indicated she was to make the drop in Lake Calenhad.

Her assistant, meanwhile, had found her missing mother in Jaliss, the tired and homely blood bag Zevnarel had in tow. When the parent rebelled against her master, Aurelia intervened using blood magic. The Countess escaped her shackles and fixed them to Aurelia, kicking the mage from her carriage to be dragged behind it. Then, she and the slaves escaped by horse.

At Lake Caleden, they met with their dwarf contact and suggested the dwarf inform the buyer that a new deal must be struck as another interested party wishes the birthright instead.

The group was approached by a Templar, Juliette Perron who was promptly warned of a blood mage attack by an increasingly weary blood bag. The trio were invited to take solace in the mage tower.

Five days later, the trio left the mage tower and back tracked to Redcliffe so the Countess could make contact with the dwarf discreetly. However on the bridge into town, they were attacked by blazing fireball. The mages had found them!

Surviving the destruction of the bridge, Avril and the blood bag attacked the elf mage and threw him into the ravine. The siblings from Tevinter turned on one another and the male turned into an eagle and fled.

Alone, Aurelia was left in a poor bargaining position. She told the Countess to keep the birthright and paid her one hundred thousand gold for having stolen it. The stipulation was the promise of future business, and the return of the birthright when needed.

Countess Avril de la Belle Jeunesse

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