Outraged elven mercenary


A Dalish elf, hard-worn with scars and ungraceful aging.

She is not dainty — or pleasing to the eye (certainly not “Ethereally Beautiful”) — but her ears are obviously the pointed ears of an elf, and she is small in the way that elves are never particularly tall. Looking like a fighter who has missed too many meals recently, she still appears as if she might be able to drag a larger person to the ground, despite the sickly pallor of her complexion. Her intense gaze and wild, grey-streaked hair could make her seem that much more intimidating, or that much more unhinged.

-The most important person is Number One
-Law and morality imposed by a culture not my own are not for me
-Money is power

Body – 4 (d12)
Heart – 0 (d4)
Mind – 2 (d8)
Spark – 1 (d6)



Jaliss was one of a band of mercenaries, making their living in the marshes and swampy forests, emerging for jobs and supplies.

As if it couldn’t get any better than that, her life took something of a nosedive after encountering an exiled elven blood mage who decided they should be “friends”.

She once had a family: a wife named Lyrel, and a daughter, Joslyn.


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