Quintilius Vallus

Globetrotting Altus


Quintilius Vallus is a 24 year old mage from Tevinter, who has recently become a Magister, after his father was murdered.

Belief 1: Family is nothing
Belief 2: Forced commitment is no commitment
Belief 3: Power leads to change


Body 2 (d8)
Heart 1 (d6)
Mind 3 (d10)
Spark 1 (d6)


Magic (Broad) History (Broad)

Tevinter Lineages (Common)

Shape shifting (Deep)


Quintilius Vallus wasn’t the favourite twin. That honour went to his sister, Aurelia Vallus. Like their father, Adrijan Vallus, Aurelia was adept at blood magic, whereas Quint never developed the taste for that particular art. Quint dutifully sat through all the lessons his father and others gave him, for the most part, but as lessons turned towards that forbidden art, he would fade into the background, studying tomes that focused on the manipulation of ones own, which he found far more stimulating than the blood-based magical enslavement his sister adored.

Part of life as the son of a magister meant that Quint frequently attended social functions, as well as chantry lectures. He used these events as opportunities to sneak away to secluded areas with one future magister or another, although he favored companion was his close ‘friend,’ Dorian Pavus.

In time, his family pressured him into an arranged marriage, and he resigned himself to the expectation that he produce heirs and conform to proper Tevinter values. Quint didn’t end his former relationships, especially with Dorian, and was oblivious, or apathetic towards the embarrassment this caused his family. A further source of disgrace to his family came when an Orlesian jewel thief stole his birthright, causing Quint to leave Tevinter to hunt her down and reclaim his lost property.

During his travels Aurelia caught up to him, and attempted to drag him back to Tevinter in disgrace. Instead, she was presented with a letter reported that their father had been killed. Quint continued his quest with Aurelia following along, and the two were joined by remarkably attractive elven blood mage, and his blood bag. Over the course of his pursuit, it was revealed that Aurelia herself had hired the Orlesian through a third party to steal the birthright, in an attempt to become magister after their father’s death. Aurelia attempted to murder Quintilius by stabbing him in the back, but he anticipated this attack, and turned himself into a cobra, using his venomous spit to blind his sister. He then assumed the form of an eagle, ripped her birthright from around her neck, and flew back to Tevinter, where he assumed his rightful place in the Magisterium.

Quintilius Vallus

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